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I am writing this post before I leave to go on holiday and have scheduled it to be posted in a week! I thought I would write this post to pass on a few tips to anyone who is going abroad or thinking to do so. Overall I would say I am a very light packer – I like to leave room in my backpack for any duty free shopping at the airport. It’s best to keep your hand luggage light and only pack a few things; also I would avoid wearing makeup and instead put makeup on when you check into your hotel room. I like to pack mostly books and then watch lots of films on the plane to pass time.

The bag – Longchamp backpack

I bought this bag on a whim just a few days ago. I was not looking for a backpack at all and would have been happy to take my usual old Muji backpack which I normally use on my travels. But this bag just really caught my eye, and since it was the last piece in the sale, I just had to buy it! I love the beige-y pink colour and the slightly leathery material, but the colour and material are not exactly the most practical. This bag will be difficult to clean if dirtied and won’t really be durable in the rain.

The Forecast by Monocle

I bought this copy from my local WHSmith, but you can also buy it online in the the link above. I get through magazines quite quickly so I was instantly drawn to the book-ish style of this magazine. I’m not a regular reader of Monocle magazine but I do enjoy reading the odd article and I love their website. I’m looking forward to reading this

Marbled Notebook

I love stationary. I found this notebook in Oklahoma giftshop for an extortionate £8.75, this is definitely one of the most overpriced pieces of stationary I have ever bought. I do regret buying this overpriced notebook but I am trying to reassure myself that at least it looks pretty.


This one was from Paperchase, I bought it quite a while ago!


This is a men’s cap. I’m pretty sure it belonged to my dad many years ago. Keeping a cap with you at all times is pretty important as you never know if you will always find shade in a hot country.


This is a pretty obvious one. Even if you don’t normally wear a watch, I would definitely recommend you wear one whilst travelling because then it is quicker to adjust to the time zone when you land.

Vaseline Paint the Town Red

This isn’t really a must-have in your hand luggage but Vaseline is a classic I try to keep with me. This red tin was a limited edition one I found in Selfridges but you can still buy it from the link above. To be honest, the red tint from this tin is not phenomenal – it is very sheer and hardly shows up. The ordinary Vaseline is just as good!


Clearly I am still in the Ramadan spirit! Chocodates are one of my favourite snacks. The three in this picture are big understatement to how many I really eat! (Originally there were four in the picture) For those who have never tried this wonderful piece of deliciousness, a Chocodate is basically an almond stuffed date covered in chocolate. The white chocolate one is the best one, it tastes so fudgey and delicious. You can find these beauties in a local Tesco in the world foods section, or alternatively you can buy online through the link above.


I am pretty indecisive when choosing which books to take with me on holiday, hence why I have this little Kindle. I like to buy quick, easy reads on my Kindle. I recently just bought ‘The Girl on the Train’ by Paula Hawkins and I’m looking forward to reading it to see what all the fuss behind it is.

Book: Ernest Hemingway – Fiesta: The Sun Also Rises

This book was recommended to me by a good friend, I always take people’s recommendations very seriously so I’m relying on this book to be a good read! It’s all about Paris in the 1920’s and the lost generation – I am not too far into it but so far so good!

Book: Plato – Republic

My teacher recommended this book to me. This one will definitely be a challenging read and I highly doubt I will get through it all whilst busy abroad, but she assured me that this book is not too difficult and is fairly straightforward to understand. I hope she is right!

Nokia 6230

Civilisation has move into the world of touchscreen and HD, yet I still prefer to keep my trusty Nokia with me. I like to use this phone when I am out and about and regularly use it to make calls and send texts. From a safety point of view, you’re less likely to be robbed if you’re using one of these on a busy street, rather than an iPhone!

iPhone 6

You know the drill: music and wifi and pictures and stuff.


These are just a basic white pair I bought quite a long time ago. I always lose them and then find them again” Normally my earphones are never this nicely wrapped up though, but they do do the job when it comes to listening to music and watching videos.


I’ve had these trusty sunglasses for around two years now. I bought them from Guess and they are just basic aviator glasses. I like the simple frame and colour because it can go with any outfit. With sunglasses, do make sure that you are getting sufficient eye protection – cheap sunglasses are great for style but be prepared to spend a little more for good protection.

Love from,

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