Gok Wan’s Roadshow Live 2011

I was very honoured to go to Gok’s Clothes Show live, however, I was disappointed I couldn’t make Pakistan Fashion Week in London.

The event was spectacular, Gok Wan managed to get everyone up on their feet clapping and cheering, it was a great turn-out.

The event started with sound checks and a lot of posing from Gok Wan. A couple of bloopers later, we got a glimpse of the three lucky girls who got pimped and pampered by Gok himself.

“They were very casual,” said Gok, “they didn’t look anything like this when I first met them.” The three girls looked gorgeous, dressed in eclectic evening wear, it was hard to imagine any of the three in a plain top and jeans. After they strutted down the catwalk, the girls admitted they practically lived in casual clothing!

Finally we came to the fashion catwalk, which displayed Gok Wan’s collection. “There’s two outfits that look really similar, except one outfit cost £250 and the other only £50.” The models strutted side by side, and I was left pondering which one was which! My hat goes off to Gok Wan, you really don’t need a designer wardrobe to pull off a designer look.

After the inspiring fashion show, the audience voted for which collection they liked best, I couldn’t choose! But in the end, the fantastic finale red dress pulled me in.

I loved the 70’s take with pastel pink chiffon midi’s, Twiggy inspired glasses and cropped dresses. The abundance of colour ranging from pale purple’s to deep red’s was fascinating. The use of different texture’s was no less either.

I’ve had a brilliant weekend, I have much more upload however, exciting things are happening!

Love from,

Miss Iffa



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