Blue Jeans, White Shirt

Shoes from Koi Footwear


Apologies for the photo overload, this is what happens when you’re super indecisive over which photos to upload!

Blue jeans and a white shirt are one of those combinations which you can never go wrong with. Snug jeans and a well-fitted, crisp white shirt go a long way in making you look put together when you’re really not. For me, having these staple outfit combinations ready to go in my wardrobe is essential for those days when I really can’t be bothered to put an outfit together, or when I have five minutes to get ready.

This outfit is basically the blue jeans white shirt combination but with an upgrade. I went for this boxy, oversized white shirt with a red patch, paired with a chunky red cardigan. When I found this shirt I honestly thought I would never wear it, but surprisingly I’ve made many uses out of it! I like how it is basically just a simple white shirt – only with a bright red patch on the front. Red is one of those colours that just goes with everything (trust me on this!) and I think it looks flattering on every skin tone.

I wore this outfit with my staple floral embroidered heels from Koi Footwear. Honestly these shoes go with everything, wearing these is the easiest way to make any outfit look more glam.

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