Before and After: Hunaiza Ansari

Hunaiza Ansari is very timid when it comes to fashion; as you can see below, Hunaiza doesn’t like straying out of her comfort zone. “I prefer dark colours, I don’t really like bright colours,” she says. “I don’t usually put too much effort into what I wear, but I fancy a change.”


After a lengthy moment of time, I managed to find Hunaiza a suitable outfit. I went against Hunaiza’s preferences of dark colours, I chose a colourful blazer with a complementary blouse to match. I lent her my sun hat and  denim polazzo trousers.


Blazer from Topshop, trousers from River Island, blouse and belt thrifted, hat from Primark.

So what does Hunaiza have to say? “I love it!” She says, “I love the polazzos, and the way you’ve matched up the colours too.” 

Spreading the love for fashion.

Love from,

Miss Iffa


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