All Black in Summer


It feels odd to be posting this outfit up on a day when it turned out to be surprisingly pretty warm and sunny. When these pictures were actually being taken it was ridiculously cold, so much so that I ended up buying an extra scarf to try and keep warm. 

This outfit is definitely one of my more ‘down day’ outfits – the kind of outfits you put together when you have limited time to get ready and frankly, limited patience to either. On days like these you want to look as put-together as possible, but with absolute minimal effort. In these type of instances I tend to go for all black, purely because it’s difficult to go wrong when you’re only working with one colour in your whole outfit. A less lazy Iffa would have opted for a few dark grey pieces to try and add more texture to the outfit, but for the sake of keeping an honest and realistic blog, I’m glad I didn’t.

I have to give a special shoutout to these heeled boots because are super comfortable and go with literally anything. They’re from Koi Footwear and can be found here. I have to confess I’m a loyal Koi customer! Their shoes are always on-trend and affordable, so I end up buying the same styles in a few different colours to match with different outfits.

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