808s and Heartbreak

808s and Heartbreak was Kanye West’s fourth album and marked his biggest departure from the usual style of his previous records. 808s was stripped down, electronic, sparse and mostly auto-tuned. Initially the album was poorly received, some critics describing it as ‘laziness disguised as minimalism and vulnerability’ (see here). But the album was still a number 1 Billboard hit, and later inspired and influenced the likes of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Drake.  

I can’t really explain the correlation between a Kanye West album and a fashion blog, but lately I’ve been interested in people who take stylistic departures from their usual style. I wouldn’t call this outfit anything near a ‘stylistic departure’, or that I am planning to embark on one, but I admire people who have the confidence to want to change, and actually go through with it. I’m trying to use this blog as a way to document all the little changes that I personally undergo until I can look back at the very first post, and then the most recent post, and feel that I too had an 808s and Heartbreak moment.


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  1. Ritika Sahni
    July 30, 2016 / 2:15 am

    Love your hair color and both the outfits!!

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